Thursday, January 26, 2012

‎10 Reasons Why You Should Support Independent Coffee Shops By Carla Suarez

Here are some reasons I’ve come up with to why you should support the independent coffee shop scene. Thanks and enjoy!

1. Lift your community. Bulk the economy by keeping money “IN” your local shops, not chain. By doing so, you would…

2. Harden the 24,000 already existing (but still struggling/fighting) coffee shops all over the country to a flourishing 50,000.

3. Which would… House surfacing writers/poets, musicians and activists. Your friends!

4. Independent beans taste better! Each cup, one at a time. Locally roasted, unique, organic and pushing Fair Trade growing practices. All crafted by…

5. Tiptop and charismatic baristas greeting you by name, and not trampling you by rude urgency. Always putting lots of love in your latte.

6. Latte art. Enough said.

7. The weekly discounts! Always, always, always.

8. Organic and all natural foods. Taste just like grandma’s. Because it probably is someone’s nana! Small businesses aren’t stranger to brother and sister partnerships. Your neighborhood coffee shop most likely has a weekly delivery from your neighborhood bakery shop. Which probably means one scone won’t contain 500 calories, but lots of healthy attention from nana.

9. Enjoy the worn-in leather couches that don’t match well with the red oak tables. Come in to work, or come in to be lazy.
10. Every shop will have its own style and design: southern Italian cafe look with outdoor seating; conference table center piece made of pine wood with all white bar counters surrounding… on the shore; clean, bright and simple modern look with windows for walls; or how about dim and grungy with old books, college campus look? No more ZzZzz’s when you walk in — these shops present the real “third place environment”.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


New England Patriots face the New York Giants, Sunday February 5th @ 6:30pm (ET). Come watch Super Bowl XLVI @ Dream Cafe and enjoy 20% off your hookah. We have lots of room for seating, a full espresso bar, fountain drinks, snacks and two 47" LED HDTV flat panel TVs! So wear your team's colors and we'll see you here!

Store Hours Sunday 2/5 are: 

10am-midnight (game @ 6:30pm)

Store Address: 

7843 Sudley Road Manassas VA 20109

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Common Hookah Terms

Brought to you by - DREAM CAFE!

Hookah - Or otherwise known as Shisha (She-Sha) / Nargileh (Nar-ghee-leh) /Argileh (aRrr-ghee-leh) / Hubbly Bubbly - All common terms for the same thing, hookah.

Tong - Metal clamping tool used to pick up and move hot charcoals.

Hookah Sh*ts or "HS" - Term used for the natural laxative effect of hookah tobacco. 

Hose - The piece that is attached to the hookah from where you smoke the tobacco

Mouth Piece - A personal plastic tip placed on the hose for sanitary purposes.

<<<Here's our cobra tip, only at Dream Cafe!

Tobacco - Dream Cafe has over 30 flavors of tobacco.  Some of the more common are:  Starbuzz - Tobacco brand that has gained massive popularity.  Wider variety of flavors such as: pirates cave, winterfresh, pomberry, bluemist, pink, coco jumbo, etc.  Al Fakher - A classic tobacco brand.  Stronger and specializing in bold flavors which include: mint, double apple, apple, grapemint, etc.

Mix - Mixing different tobacco flavors to create a new flavor. 

Fruit Head - Normally tobacco is placed on a clay head that is mounted on top.  This can also be replaced with a fruit like an orange, apple, even banana.  The fruit holds the tobacco and the flavors combine to create a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience.

Charcoals - Charcoals are placed at the top of the hookah on the foil to heat the tobacco and thus evaporate it.  At Dream Cafe, we use two kinds of coals; natural and self lighting.  Coco Mazaya - are cube shaped, natural, healthier charcoals, lasts longer, ash less, made from coconut shells, eco friendly, makes hookah taste better.  It takes longer to heat them and you need to use a stove top.  The other kind is the brand Three Kings - these are fast self lighting charcoals, takes a minute to heat and only need a lighter to get started.

Smoke Rings - Tutorial coming soon!  Smoke rings are formed when you blow smoke by making an "O" with your lips bringing your tongue back and blowing guttaral air, like - "Ugh" as if! :-)

Turkish Coffee - Dream Cafe serves Turkish Coffee under its exotic specialties.  If you want to go hardcore, this is the best coffee drink to have while smoking hookah!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dream Cafe - Turkish Coffee For Breakfast

Yummmm, a long crazy friday night topped with a strong pick me up - a cup of turkish coffee Saturday morning.  Next, A nice jog around the block! 

Come try our exotic Turkish Coffee at Dream Cafe.
7843 Sudley Road

Manassas VA 20109

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dream Cafe - Coffee and Hookah Menu

Over 150+ Flavors of Hookah and Mix Your Own!
Excellent Coffee, Cozy Ambiance, Free Wifi, Exotic Drinks!

Our Address
On Sudley Road, inside old KMART and Cafe Rio Plaza, Next to Mama Mia

7843 Sudley Road, Manassas VA 20109

Monday-Wednesday     Noon - Midnight
Thursday - Saturday     Noon - 1 AM
Sunday                          4PM - Midnight

Call to get your hookah ready in advance!!!
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