Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sugar-Free: Not Just for the Skinny

Dream Cafe is conscious of our community's needs and that is why we have a focus on including drinks that are sugar-free. Not only do these drinks help with the some of us who have a goal to be on the path of "skinny" or "low-carb" but also these drinks cater to the many of us with diabetes and cannot have a normal "cafe" drink.

But today you can! Our menu features incredibly delicious selections such as a sugar-free chai tea latte; a rich and foamy hot cup when coupled with skim milk, you forget you have a skinny. The drinks don't stop there. There is also sugar free vanilla latte, sugar-free white hot chocolate, or sugar-free white hot chocolate mocha. That plus all the teas you can drink without sugar or with sugar substitutes.

Dream Cafe will continue to expand its selection for its customers and community, there are still more to come! But know we have you in our minds.

When you're lost looking for a sugar-free selection, please come by at Dream Cafe to get your daily fix for the day.